Get a 5-Minute Makeover With The Quick Pro Collection

We made makeup easy , a long time ago. Watching YouTube tutorials can be a little frustrating. It can convince you that a “no makeup makeup” look requires at least 12 products and that an ultra-glam look takes at least 55 minutes. This is all false.  Well, you can use 12 products to look bare-faced but you don’t have to, and a full-coverage and flawless look can be fast and simple.

The PÜR & Simple philosophy is the cornerstone of our multitasking makeup. We make reaching complexion perfection easy for every skin type starting with our 4-in-1 complexion collection. Whether it’s a concealer or foundation, light coverage or full, our multitasking makeup enables you to skip a step (or three!) However, the easiest way to get your makeup routine down to 5 minutes or less is to use the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation.

“I have been using this for 10-plus years now and love it,” wrote a customer in a review. “I think it is much much better than any of the other mineral makeup out there.”

There is nothing easier than the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation. This buildable medium to full coverage foundation helps even skin tone and acts as a concealer, finishing powder and broad-spectrum sun protectant. It only takes 60 seconds to apply and if you need to reapply, this chic and perfectly portable compact fits into your bag without making a mess.

“I have VERY sensitive skin and this is the only foundation that hasn’t irritated it,” according to a customer review.

The 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation is recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists because its infused with skincare and doesn’t contain any cheap ingredients that can irritate your skin. The 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation and all PÜR’s complexion products contain Ceretin® Complex , gentle yet highly effective encapsulated retinol and hydrating ceramides to help even skin tone and minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, redness and blemishes. Plus, all PÜR’s makeup is cruelty free and doesn’t contain parabens, talc, petroleum, mineral oil or sodium lauryl sulfates.

“The bottom line is this does it all and has all the ingredients that I want in a foundation,” wrote Beachnut22 in a review. “I have tried everything from Bare Minerals to every other brand name under the sun” I will probably never try another foundation.”

As for the finishes touches, grab a Love Your Selfie 2 palette to finish your look. Each palette has coordinating goof-proof shades that work together for a flawless look in less than five minutes.

What is Ceretin Complex?

It’s true. Most makeup is full of things you can’t pronounce and ingredients that allow you to look amazing, but aren’t great for you skin. When PÜR began, it was important that we were thoughtful about improving the look and feel of the skin and we wanted to make it easy. Our goal has always been to create multitasking, uncomplicated beauty. However, we weren’t interested in creating more makeup that would aggravate skin, clog pores and require professional application.

We wanted to make makeup better. This is why all of our complexion products contain pure mineral pigment that is ground to the smoothest texture. We bind our minerals with moisturizing Shea Butter and soothing Vitamin E for a like-skin finish that is breathable, buildable and natural unlike cakey clays that mask the skin or loose powders that make a mess. We formulate with no harsh chemical dyes, irritating talc, alcohol or preservatives so your skin looks flawless without all those cheap and unnecessary fillers.

We added skincare to take our complexion products to the next level. (We aren’t globally known as The Complexion Authority for nothing.) Our state of the art skincare infusion was a revolutionary approach to healthier makeup. Our proprietary Ceretin® Complex contains gentle yet highly effective ingredients including encapsulated nonirritating retinol and hydrating ceramides. This multitasking hero has been clinically proven to help lighten up dark spots and uneven skin tone, minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve the appearance of redness and blemishes. Starring first in our 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation, the cult classic has become a nationwide favorite and more than 10 million compacts have been sold around the world. Ceretin® Complex is a part of our DNA and is included in all our complexion products from our tinted moisturizer to our  long-wear formulas.

For those that want to keep it au natural, the Ceretin Complex is also available a serum. The Ceretin Serum Age-Defying Concentrate can be used in your daily age management skincare regimen to keep your skin fresh and youthful-looking. It also contains exfoliating Lactic Acid and nourishing fruit extracts to keep your skin looking its best. For the ultimate at home facial, layer it on after your Dirty Girl. Your freshly exfoliated skin will allow the serum to penetrate deeper for faster results and an improved complexion.

Get Kim Kardashian West’s Best Features with Cameo Contour

Cameo Contour, our innovative and dual-ended contour stick has just turned two! When contouring became the hottest trend by celebrities like KKW (Kim Kardashian West), we sought out to make highlighting and contouring easier for those that don’t have a makeup artist on call. This makeup hack was hard to master with regular foundation, concealers and brushes and could be expensive when you rounded up all the tools needed to make it look effortless. So, we made Cameo Contour dual-ended so you didn’t have to second guess which dark and light shades would complement each other and we also added a multifunctional sponge that made blending easy. (We even included step-by-step instructions in case a YouTube tutorial got too confusing.) All in all, Cameo Contour was designed to deliver red carpet worthy depth and dimension that makes flawless contouring an unexpected victory for the everyday girl.

However, the true innovation is in the formula. With both a highlighting and sculpting shade in one convenient product, this contour stick allows you to create perfect dimension in a flash. Made with natural, light-reflective ingredients that resemble microspheres, the creamy formula emphasizes your face’s natural high points and shadows while blurring imperfections and sets itself to a lightweight, powder finish. The best part? Cameo Contour also multitasks as a foundation. It’s packed with all of the ingredients you want in a foundation such as PÜR’s age-defying Ceretin® Complex, a skin-nourishing blend of hydrating ceramides and skin-perfecting Vitamin A.  What does this mean exactly? This contour stick not only improves the look of your facial features, it also improves the look of your skin too ” which makes it preventative from some and corrective for others.

After its launch two years ago, beauty influencers were the first to add it to their beauty arsenal. It has become an everyday staple in makeup artist and beauty influencer Angel Merino’s makeup bag. Angel, also known as @mac_daddyy, can be seen putting the beauty tool to work here.

Laura Lee, also know as @larlarlee, describes it best: “It gives you the benefit of a cream contour as far as lasting a long time and it’s going to be way more easier to blend out than a regular cream contour because it blends out to a soft powder.” Best of all, “it will make you look flawless in pictures.”

Dulce Candy gushed about it in a YouTube review: “It’s a cream-to-powder formula so you don’t have to add any powders on top unless you want to do a crazy transformation… That’s it! You are out the door. You’re highlighted. You’re contoured and you have coverage (that’s not heavy) at the same time.”

Even Women’s Fitness Magazine called it one of their “beauty heroes” for making “light work of contouring.”

We’re celebrating this milestone because for two years we have made a professional beauty secret a no-brainer for women worldwide ” especially for our loyal customers who craved celebrity looks. “Love this product. It glides on easy and blends out like a dream,” said Charlie B., a PÜR customer. “The application and blending of this product are very fast so it is perfect for daytime use.”

Chiseled features are just five minutes away with Cameo Contour. What are you waiting for?


Every woman wants to feel like they can conquer the world. Inspired recently by Wonder Woman, PÜR wants to make you look like you can conquer the world too. Makeup artist Sarah Brock created the fierce looks for the unbelievably beautiful Gal Gadot on set of the Wonder Woman film. She recently revealed all her makeup secrets used on Gal to her Instagram fans and Warpaint. Here we use PÜR essentials to recreate these winning looks that will take you from Amazonian princess to flawless superhero.

Skincare: Prepare skin by applying Ceretin Serum and follow with M.M.C. Anti-Aging Moisture Complex.

Primer: Apply Correcting Primer Prep & Perfect all over face to create the perfect canvas for makeup.

Foundations: Use a longwear foundation with a skin illuminator such as Bare It All 12-Hour 4-in-1 Skin-Perfecting Foundation with a drop of No Filter Blurring Photography Primer. Mix well on back of hand and apply a light, even layer.

Concealer: Take a small amount of Disappearing Ink  (a shade or two lighter than your complexion) and pat under the eyes. Use your normal concealer to add more coverage, if needed, to any other areas of the face.

Cream Contour: Use the dark end of the Cameo Contour stick to define the hallows of the cheek and blend well.

Bronzer: Apply Mineral Glow on the cheekbones, around the hairline, and along the jawline.

Cream Blusher: For a pretty, healthy glow to the cheeks, apply Chateau Cheeks Cream Blush in Coy onto the apples of the cheeks.

Highlighter: Tap a tiny amount of highlighter from the Sun-Kissed Glow Strobe & Highlight Palette onto skin and blend well.

Brows: Using tiny hair strokes, fill in brows with Wake Up Brow Dual-Ended Brow Pencil.

Eyes: Using the Soiree Diaries Eye Shadow Palette, pat Epic on the eyelids and along the bottom lash line. Apply Mogul under the brow bone.

Eyeliner: Apply a thin line starting at the inner corner and create a thicker line at the outer corner that’s not too heavy with On Point Eyeliner Pencil in Heartless.

Lashes: Curl lashes. Using the Mascara Trifecta, and apply two coats of Fully Charged Mascara to the top lashes and two coats of Triple Threat Mascara to the bottom lashes.

Lips: Coat lips in Chrome Glaze Lip Gloss in Smarty Pants for a wash of color.

The Skin Trick Makeup Artists Swear By

Let’s get to the point. Your makeup doesn’t look good because your skin is too dry. This is probably because you’ve been applying a thin layer of moisturizer with your hands before your primer and foundation. Try this instead: apply a thick layer of moisturizer with the Contour Blending Sponge. It plumps your skin with hydration and skincare and ensures that more product stays on your face instead of on your hands.

“I think where people miss the mark with creating really beautiful makeup is prepping the skin,” said PÜR beauty and makeup artist Angel Merino. He’s known across the internet and celebrity circles as @mac_daddyy. “I think people just kinda like rush to put on foundation and put on the makeup and they don’t take the time to really work the skin and perfect it.”

As he was creating a look for fellow PÜR beauty and YouTuber Laura Lee (@larlarlee), he joked about using half a bottle of Mac’s Prep + Prime Fix + to hydrate Laura’s skin. PÜR’s Miracle Mist works similarly and has 70 essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. Plus, you don’t have to use half as much. Angel used PÜR’s Contour Blending Sponge to layer on the MAC’s hydrating primer, an eye serum and Tom Ford’s Illuminating Primer.

“A dry eye is not a good eye,” they agreed.

If you want radiant skin, it needs to look that way before you apply your makeup, Angel explained. Dry and dull-looking skin is not a good foundation for makeup. You must take care of your skin first.

Beauty blogger Wayne Goss agrees.

“Prep is so important. You need to be using a huge amount of moisturizer to counteract negative makeup,” said Wayne in his “Number One Beautyblender Mistake for Flawless Skin” video. He explains how to use a blending sponge to apply moisturizer.

“Make sure it’s completely damp,” Wayne said. “You need to embed the product into the skin” You need to press this into the skin and I don’t mean bounce. I mean press it as hard as you can.”

The result is plumper, hydrated skin that allows you to layer on your primer, foundation and concealer without it settling in to fine lines and sticking to dry patches. Your skin will look like skin even after you contour and set your look. Plus, this beauty hack will keep your skin looking radiant even when the makeup comes off.

Check out Angel’s makeup tutorial using his favorite contour product, Cameo Contour Stick, on here.

5 Concealer Tricks Everyone Should Know

Up until the days of YouTube beauty gurus and tutorials, we all applied concealer the same way  in a half moon shape under our eyes to cover dark circles, and on top of pesky blemishes. Now, thanks to the Internet, we know that concealer can be used in a multitude of ways, including highlighting and sculpting the face. Here’s a few ways you should be using these magical formulas.


Say bye bye to the half-moons and hello to the upside-down triangles. Using a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, draw a line from the inner corners of your eye down the side of your nose, then up and over to the edge of the eye socket  just above your cheekbone.

We’ve fallen in love with Disappearing Ink’s pen applicator because it makes applying concealer this way fast and easy, especially when used with the flat side of the Blend Squad blending sponges. Tap the concealer onto your under-eye area first, then down the side of the nose where redness occurs. Use the remainder of the concealer to fill in the triangle. This technique doesn’t just cover up dark circles, it also brightens the under eye area and helps sculpt the face.


Apply concealer to the inner part of your eyes and under your brow bone for an instant lifted effect. If your eyelids are veiny or dark, cover them with concealer and apply a light brown shade to the crease for a “no makeup makeup” look.


Follow the upside-down triangle trick to hide bags. Then, add concealer down the bridge of the nose, in the middle of the forehead, above your cupid’s bow and on the chin. Blend with a Blend Squad sponge. This technique helps to highlight your best features and fake definition. Hello chiseled cheekbones!


Use your concealer with an angled brush to outline your brows and lips “ this will make these features look more defined and will stop your lipstick from bleeding. Disappearing Act has a creamy consistency much like a lipliner and will blend seamlessly into your foundation. Bolder browns and bigger pouts “ who doesn’t love that?


Grab some setting powder and sweep it over all the places you applied concealer with PÜR’s Powder Foundation Brush. This ensures that the concealer lasts all day and doesn’t crease or crumble. Most importantly, it’s like fairy dust, magically blurring imperfections and giving the skin an airbrushed finish.

The Lipstick Hack This Byrdie Blogger Swears By

Everyone loves a matte lipstick. Nothing beats the retro glam of a high-pigment matte. Bloggers have been hacking this look over the past year. Whether it’s how to turn your lipstick stash matte with a little translucent powder or how to prep your lips for drying formulas with a good exfoliator a la Alyssa Forever in her “9 Lipstick/Concealer HACKS Every Girl Should Know” YouTube tutorial. Matte has been the lipstick craze du jour.”I don’t know what it is, I’m just addicted to matte lips,” Alyssa said. “I think I’m matte squad for life.”

Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick by PÜR has been on the lips of the top beauty bloggers and they’ve praised its non-drying mousse-like texture. “There’s nothing better than a soft, sexy matte lip that doesn’t dry out or clump throughout the day!” says Andrea of @andreaschoice. She found that when she tried PÜR’s 10 shades of Velvet Mattes, they were the perfect consistency to mix to create a custom look. “I love to mix Oh Bae with About Last Night for a natural every day look,” she said.

However, there was one hack that no one else thought of: matte lipstick as eye shadow.* Amanda Montell of Byrdie took her inspiration from 16-year-old Iris Law the new face of Burberry’s Liquid Lip Velvet. She used PÜR’s au courant Ever After which is a nod to the “Millennial Pink” that has been mentioned in think pieces from Vogue to Slate to New York Mag.

“I figured since the texture is also whipped, it might work well””and it did. As I’d learn, a moisturizing, not-totally-matte texture is ideal for this look, so it’s best to use whipped formulas, as opposed to your Kylie Lip Kits and Colourpop tubes,” Amanda wrote. “PÜR’s velvety liquid lipstick truly feels like it was meant to double as an eye shadow.”

The three-minute application proved to be a winner. She used the doe foot applicator to apply Ever After on the lid and her pinky finger to dot the product along her lower lash line, she wrote. “Honest to goodness, the first day I wore this, I received more compliments than any other eye makeup product I’ve worn in months. Who knew?”

Check out other looks Amanda created with Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick here.

Disclaimer: Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick was not tested for usage around the eyes, thus sensitivity and irritation may occur.

Behind the Brush: Denika Bedrossian

What’s it like working with one of the biggest pop stars in the world? Celebrity makeup artist Denika Bedrossian can tell us all about it. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Denika Bedrossian grew up admiring the beauty of makeup and mastering the art of cat eye at an early age. Most known for her intricate liquid eyeliner techniques, she makes up the faces of some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Miley Cyrus, Sarah Hyland and Hailey Baldwin. Find out what personally inspires Denika, how to achieve the perfect cat eye in three easy steps and get the inside scoop on some of the most common eyeliner mistakes.

Break down the different types of cat eye for us.

The Cat Eye can be so intimidating to most, but with the right kind of wing and tools, anyone can have one! Here’s my breakdown of a few of my favorite Cat Eyes.

  • There is the Classic, which has the gradual line from thin to thick and flicks out at the edge of the eye. This works well on larger and almond shaped eyes.
  • For a smaller, more narrow eye, the Smooth Line is most flattering. This liner maintains the same, thinner line throughout the length of the eye with a slight extension out.
  • For a more Dramatic Look, you can line the entire eye lid all the way up to the crease to create a solid lid that extends into a wing. This works well on eyes with a larger lid.
  • The Feline and the Pin-Up are very similar cat eyes. This liner creates and elongates the eye by starting thin and slowly winging upwards towards the tip of the brow, so it works well with almond, round, small and thin eyes. For smaller eyes, you can also add a light eye pencil inside the water line to create the illusion of a larger eye. Adding a soft bottom liner below, and/or mascara, can help make the eye pop for either a natural or dramatic look. Finally, for a more hooded eye, top liner doesn’t always work. So try lining just the bottom lash line and extending it upwards from the bottom up.

Do you prefer liquid liner, gel or pencil eyeliners?

When it comes to eyeliner, it truly is personal preference. Some people aren’t as comfortable with liquid eye liner as they are with pencil. PÜR Cosmetics makes a fantastic Double Ego Dual-Ended Eyeliner that has the liquid option on one side and a smudgy mineral pencil on the other. Personally, I LOVE to use liquid as well as gel. MAC Cosmetics makes my favorite Fluidline Gel Eyeliners. I have always been very comfortable using brushes, so a perfectly sharp angle brush is my go to. My current obsession is Smith Cosmetics 205 Angled Liner Brush. Its amazingly sharp, smooth and easy to use. I feel like I have more control and can layer to my heart’s desire.

Give us a perfect cat eye how-to in three steps.

  1. Take a piece of tape from under your bottom lash line and follow the eye shape up and out. This also helps with getting both eyes looking even!
  2. Add liner from the middle of the eye, towards the outer crease, fill in the line from the tape to create the length and width of your wing.
  3. Remove the tape and have a perfectly sharp cat eye.

What are the most common mistakes someone can make when trying to create a cat eye?

A common mistake is to start the wing or cat eye from the outside in. This will only make it harder. It will set the shape and size of the liner before creating the shape of your eye. I start in the middle of the eye, create the perfect line and gradation towards the edge. Create the wing, then end with most delicate part of the line, the front of the eye.

An inky black is the most go to color for this look. Can we funk up the cat eye with white liner or another color?

I definitely love black liner, but sometimes it’s nice to add some fun to your eyes. I often use plum, bronze or rusty colors on my clients with blue eyes. Greens, blues and purples on clients with brown eyes and warm plums, rich browns and burgundy for green eyes. I also like to play with colored mascaras if the liner is black or brown. I’m really loving the Chanel Inimitable Waterproof colored mascaras. Try using a fan brush to apply mascara on your bottom lashes for more control of the bottom of your cat eye. (MAC Brush #205)

Is there another dramatic eye look for someone who just can’t master the cat eye?

If mastering the cat eye just isn’t working for you, try adding a darker or fun color into your waterline and smudge out similar tones into the lash line and loads of mascara (PÜR Cosmetics Big Looks Mascara is my FAVORITE) for a dramatic, yet subtle smoky eye. Or try playing with shadows to create a softer more diffused cat eye. PÜR Cosmetics Secret Crush Eyeshadow Palette is such a great tool for a smoky look, a soft dewy eye or a warmer golden shadow. Cat eye doesn’t necessary mean liner, get creative at the edge of the eye.

Follow Denika on Instagram @dendoll for more makeup inspiration.

START BLUSHING: New Ways To Think About Blush

With the popularity of contouring and highlighting, blush has become an afterthought. However, the sculpting power of contour means that not only is the look of your face getting a more chiseled appearance, cheeks are more profound and being accentuated by glowy highlighters. But, what if you wanted to bring some color to the face that wasn’t a pearlescent shimmer or a face-lifting shadowy contour? Blush is the answer. Don’t worry. If you still like the results of your highlight and contour, the addition of blush allows you to elevate your color game instead of diminish its results. Here is how.


A perfect day time addition for a slightly pinched cheek look. Apply to the apples of the cheeks and blend in above your contour. Apply your highlight after blush. If applying highlight, opt for the Chateau Cheek Stain with the dewy texture for a lit-from-within look.


Focus the color and intensity on the apples and blend out. The bright color brightens your face and gives your look a playful, irreverent vibe. Pair with a berry matte lip, but make the eyes simply dramatic. Go for a bare skin shadow and pile on the fluffy lashes and Fully Charged Mascara.


First, skip the contour. Focus the intensity of the color where you would place your cheek sculpting contour. Using the Sculpt & Contour Foundation Brush, start at the hollows of the cheeks near the ears and curve up to the cheeks for a sheerer flush of color. (The color should be more concentrated away from the cheeks.) Diffuse the blush for desired intensity with the Powder Foundation Brush. It’s ok to be a little matchy. Pair with a highly pigmented plum lip for night or a glossy pink lip for day.


Peach, orange and coral blush shades are better for warmer weather. Bronze the high points of the face and add a sheer layer of blush on the apples of the cheeks and blend out. This color combination is best on lighter skin tones. On darker skin tones, make sure this colorway has a slight shimmer to it. Dust lightly on the highpoints of the face like a bronzer.


For a classic look: Using the Powder Foundation Blush, push the blush into the apples of the cheeks, then buff out the sides of cheeks leaving space between the cheeks and the hairline. Not often is this the case with blush, but a crimson-colored blush requires precise placement. Skip the contour on the cheeks and focus on contouring the nose and the highlight in the inner corners of the eye to bring the attention to the center of the face. For a trendy look: Focus the blush on the highpoints of the cheeks up to the temples as seen above.


Bring on the romance. A smoky eye pairs well with a demi-matte or matte burgundy blush. Pair with a dark matte lip for a gothic look. For darker skin tones, this color will add the perfect rosy hue to any look, but we prefer to use it with a glossy nude lip and a golden highlighter on the high points of the face.

Get blushing. Share your blush looks with us using #purbeauty on social.

Behind the Brush: Tasha Reiko Brown

We sat down with celebrity make-up artist and beauty expert Tasha Reiko Brown to dish on all things beauty and debunk some of the myths when it comes to makeup and women of color. Tasha is known for her understanding of undertones and finding the right complexion products, which appeals to the likes of Jill Scott, Amandla Stenberg, Yara Shahidi, Mindy Kaling, Jordin Sparks and many more. She celebrates the art of customization and we’re here to lead you through some of her most treasured beauty secrets.

What are some tips and tricks for women of color when choosing the right complexion products for their skin tone?

Knowing your undertone is key. Once you find your undertone, find a shade that perfectly matches the edges of your face and neck. The color has to be spot on but the texture also needs to match and melt into the skin. Stay on the lighter side coverage-wise and only use product as needed. Consider lighter textures (Dior Skin Forever Perfect Foundation, PÜR’s  4-in-1 Foundation) instead of cream if you don’t need much coverage. Really address the skin’s individualized needs before deciding on product.

Explain an undertone, what is it, how many different undertones are there, and how can a woman determine hers?

Undertone is the color beneath the skin’s surface. It’s like a shadow under your surface color.  Undertones are categorized under Warm (the veins on the inside of your wrist look green), Cool (the veins on the inside of your wrist look blue) and Neutral (mix of blue and green veins or hard to determine vein color). Each season your skin color may change, however your undertone does not. Determining undertone is crucial to determining the base color of your foundation as it won’t ever ‘sit right’ as a match if the undertone is off. When it’s a complimentary undertone, your skin will absorb it. If the undertone match is off, it will reflect it back causing the much-dreaded ashy or ruddy face. Knowing undertone also helps you determines which color products for other areas of the face are going to be complimentary and enhance your tone.

Note: Looking at veins through the filter of the skin’s undertone is what causes them to look different in individuals.

What happens if someone can’t find a foundation to match their complexion?

It may take more research and more trial and error, but I promise you the right shade is out there for you. One of the great things about social media is that I see women of color sharing so many beauty looks, tricks, product recommendations and even color swatches online. It’s been a great introduction to fresh boutique brands both worldwide and local that are fantastic for women of color. It really has opened up the market and the exchange of beauty ideas for women of color that weren’t as explored in many mainstream outlets before.

If you really want to perfect your foundation match, custom is the way to go. Lots of brands offer color adjusters (usually orange, red or purple) that you can add to your foundation to adjust it slightly. You can even go the extra step and add luminizers.

Are there products that women with deeper shades should shy away from?

Skip white or pearl frost pigment in all products. Anything with gold, bronze or rust-colored luminizers or shine pigments looks best on deeper skin tones. The white/pearl frost is unnatural and dated. I love PÜR’s Sun-Kissed Glow Strobe and Highlight Palette.

What’s some of the biggest myths when it comes to makeup and women of color?

A huge myth is that woman of color need to shy away from bright shades when it’s very much the opposite. Darker tones are where colors really shine and beautifully pop. Play with color and celebrate the unique richness of your skin tone. Grab fun colors like Persimmon (MAC Blush in Devil), Jade (Lancome Le Crayon Kohl Moss ye pencil and PÜR’s Double Ego Dual-Ended Eyeliner in Bali) and Oxblood (PÜR’s Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick in Addiction) and experiment. You are only limited by your willingness to go bold!

Follow Tasha on Instagram and Twitter @tashareikobrown.