Model Off Duty with Makeup Artist Mai Quynh

Blame it on the 90s and the rise of the supermodel. Long-limbed glamazons Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington were stretched across pages of countless fashion magazines. Celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh says that these images are what inspired her to be a makeup artist. Now, she is a go-to for Hollywood’s top celebrities. We asked Mai for the professional makeup tips on what it takes to create the infamous “model off-duty” look.

Models have now become celebrities and celebrities have become models. What fascinated you about makeup and modeling?
I grew up in the 90’s when the term “supermodel” was coined. It was also when MTV played actual music videos. I guess I was fascinated with all the characters the models would play in magazines and music videos. They always looked so stunning and beautiful and their makeup and hair was always changing, so I became intrigued with their chameleon-like ways.

What advice do you give models to keep their skin looking clear during fashion month?
I’m a big believer in taking off your makeup before bed or whenever you’re home or have downtime. You need a gentle cleanser to remove your makeup without it bothering or drying out your skin. So during that month, models are getting their makeup done 3-4 times a day, they need a fast, easy fix. My favorite cleansing oil is  Melt Away. It’s mild so it won’t irritate your skin, but because it’s an oil, it will break down the makeup faster.

What else is needed to create an effortless look?
To me, being effortless is having confidence and good glowing skin. I’m a huge fan of layering products so I love to layer creams first and then powders over, as far as for foundation and blush. I feel that it gives a nice glow that shows through the powder and looks more like real skin in photos.

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