PÜR Ponified: The My Little Pony: The Movie Makeup Collection

When the chance came to create a collection inspired by the upcoming My Little Pony: The Movie was presented to us, we couldn’t say no.  We remember those rainbow-hued toys from our childhood even if they were hand-me-down from our older siblings. We couldn’t wait to use those memories in a fun and whimsical way while remaining true to the undeniably quality that PÜR is known for. Delivering the same plush mineral and richly pigmented formulas, the collection unveils the magical side of PÜR by delivering an array of products that puts a smile on your face and will become a playful addition to your makeup selection.

This four-piece collection celebrates everything we love about My Little Pony: The Movie with a fanciful twist for eyes, face and skin. It includes an eye shadow palette, lip gloss toppers, glow sticks highlighters and a cruelty-free brush set that is as endearing as the magic of friendship and as adventurous as the Mane 6’s journey through Equestria.  And, unlike that other trend based on legendary four-hooved creatures, this pony collection has style all its own. “We think pony makeup might top unicorn makeup,” wrote Victoria Moorhouse in an Instyle.com review.

The collection started with the eye shadow palette. “This was a little bit different for PÜR and exciting for me to see from one of my favorite brands,” said Hailie Barber, a beauty influencer and the ambassador for the collection. The 16-piece eye palette features a kaleidoscope of shadows including matte neutrals to flirty shimmers. It’s the pops of bold, bright but wearable shades that grab your attention. The shades in the palette are designed to work together to create looks beyond your imagination. “The 16 shadow shades are to. die. for.” said Claire-Beaudreault in her review on HelloGiggles.com.

Just in case you needed a little help perfecting your new looks, we included a six-piece brush set complete with a rainbow travel bag. The set includes a Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Concealer Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Crease Brush and Eyeliner Brush. Its cruelty-free synthetic fibers give you controlled application so you can apply and blend with ease. Plus, “who can resist the holographic brushes with pink bristles?” said Jen Anderson in a Refinery29 review of the collection.

Next, we added the high-shine Glitter Lip Gloss Toppers in six shades named after the Mane 6. “It looks crazy in the tube, but this topcoat actually gives lips a subtle plumping effect. Try it alone or over your favorite lip color,” Jen wrote. The glosses feature glass-like shine, jewel-tone glitter and “they’re so pigmented!” said Hailie in a YouTube review.

We wanted to add something special for the skin, so we created an otherworldly highlighter collection. The all-in-one Glow Stick Kit  for face, eyes and lips is packed with sheer prismatic pigments in three illuminating hues. Hailie uses Joyful above her cheeks and Blissful as a highlighter in the inner corners of her eyes. We are sure fans will find other fun uses for these Glow Sticks. “They do double duty as a body glitter, perfect for hitting the collarbones or shoulders!” Claire wrote.

“I’m excited for you to see how cute it is,” Hailie told her viewers calling the packaging “cute” and the white eye shadow inside “so chic”. All products are available exclusively at purcosmetics.com on August 10th and on HSN.com, Ulta.com and Kohls.com on August 15th. The My Little Pony: The Movie Eye Shadow Palette will be available in stores at Ulta and Kohls on August 27th. On PopSugar.com Kristina-Rodulfo said, “Trust us “” you will want every single freakin’ thing.” Don’t forget to see My Little Pony: The Movie in theaters on October 6th!

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