Yesterday, we gathered some of our favorite beauty influencers for a launch party at The Fig House in Los Angeles. The intimate party was to celebrate the success of the My Little Pony: The Movie Eyeshadow Palette and the launch of the movie. Fellow beauty gurus mingled with Hailie Barber, the ambassador for The My Little Pony: The Movie Collection and she got to share her love for the collection. The collection includes the buzzworthy 16-piece eyeshadow palette that features a kaleidoscope of shadows including matte neutrals to flirty shimmers. To perfect your look, there is a six-piece brush set complete with a rainbow travel bag. The set includes a Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Concealer Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Crease Brush and Eyeliner Brush. We also added high-shine Glitter Lip Gloss Toppers in six shades named after the Mane 6. For the skin, there is the all-in-one Glow Stick Kit for face, eyes and lips. It is packed with sheer prismatic pigments in three illuminating hues. “The magic in this collection is outstanding,” said Lilian Tahmasian (@LilianTahmasian). There were cocktails, lots of color and lots of dancing. “I love this collection and the space is so cute,” said @linabugz.

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PÜR Ponified: The My Little Pony: The Movie Makeup Collection

When the chance came to create a collection inspired by the upcoming My Little Pony: The Movie was presented to us, we couldn’t say no.  We remember those rainbow-hued toys from our childhood even if they were hand-me-down from our older siblings. We couldn’t wait to use those memories in a fun and whimsical way while remaining true to the undeniably quality that PÜR is known for. Delivering the same plush mineral and richly pigmented formulas, the collection unveils the magical side of PÜR by delivering an array of products that puts a smile on your face and will become a playful addition to your makeup selection.

This four-piece collection celebrates everything we love about My Little Pony: The Movie with a fanciful twist for eyes, face and skin. It includes an eye shadow palette, lip gloss toppers, glow sticks highlighters and a cruelty-free brush set that is as endearing as the magic of friendship and as adventurous as the Mane 6’s journey through Equestria.  And, unlike that other trend based on legendary four-hooved creatures, this pony collection has style all its own. “We think pony makeup might top unicorn makeup,” wrote Victoria Moorhouse in an review.

The collection started with the eye shadow palette. “This was a little bit different for PÜR and exciting for me to see from one of my favorite brands,” said Hailie Barber, a beauty influencer and the ambassador for the collection. The 16-piece eye palette features a kaleidoscope of shadows including matte neutrals to flirty shimmers. It’s the pops of bold, bright but wearable shades that grab your attention. The shades in the palette are designed to work together to create looks beyond your imagination. “The 16 shadow shades are to. die. for.” said Claire-Beaudreault in her review on

Just in case you needed a little help perfecting your new looks, we included a six-piece brush set complete with a rainbow travel bag. The set includes a Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Concealer Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Crease Brush and Eyeliner Brush. Its cruelty-free synthetic fibers give you controlled application so you can apply and blend with ease. Plus, “who can resist the holographic brushes with pink bristles?” said Jen Anderson in a Refinery29 review of the collection.

Next, we added the high-shine Glitter Lip Gloss Toppers in six shades named after the Mane 6. “It looks crazy in the tube, but this topcoat actually gives lips a subtle plumping effect. Try it alone or over your favorite lip color,” Jen wrote. The glosses feature glass-like shine, jewel-tone glitter and “they’re so pigmented!” said Hailie in a YouTube review.

We wanted to add something special for the skin, so we created an otherworldly highlighter collection. The all-in-one Glow Stick Kit  for face, eyes and lips is packed with sheer prismatic pigments in three illuminating hues. Hailie uses Joyful above her cheeks and Blissful as a highlighter in the inner corners of her eyes. We are sure fans will find other fun uses for these Glow Sticks. “They do double duty as a body glitter, perfect for hitting the collarbones or shoulders!” Claire wrote.

“I’m excited for you to see how cute it is,” Hailie told her viewers calling the packaging “cute” and the white eye shadow inside “so chic”. All products are available exclusively at on August 10th and on, and on August 15th. The My Little Pony: The Movie Eye Shadow Palette will be available in stores at Ulta and Kohls on August 27th. On Kristina-Rodulfo said, “Trust us “” you will want every single freakin’ thing.” Don’t forget to see My Little Pony: The Movie in theaters on October 6th!

Vegan Beauty You Need Now

We are constantly striving for innovation. Each year, our development team gets together with our brand leaders to brainstorm new ways we can give you the trends you want while making your skin better. Any makeup brand can make you look pretty, but it is part of our DNA to make sure that we are taking care of your skin. This year, we focused on creating better makeup that fits your healthy, active lifestyle.

We started with Agave. We chose agave nectar over honey because it is vegan, but works similarly to restore moisture to the skin. Agave, is a succulent plant that is best known for its role in tequila and as a popular sweetener.  In skincare, the plant works as a humectant drawing water into the skin cells. Its binding properties help the skin remain hydrated for longer. The effect is a plumper more youthful appearance. We loved the effects so much we created the Blue Agave Mask and added agave to our new foundation Bare It All, our new eye shadow primer Get A Grip, our skin primer No Filter, and all of our lip products.

Our other new addition to our complexion formulas is our Energy Complex. Think of the Energy Complex as a multivitamin for the skin. It is a combination of ginseng, vitamin B and green tea which acts as a complement to our Ceretin Complex a combination of retinol and moisturizing ceramides that helps renew the skin’s appearance. Together, the ingredients help energize the skin’s metabolism.

Here is how it works: the retinol in our Ceretin Complex is helping to exfoliate the dull, dead, rough skin cells, while the ceramides are nourishing the skin underneath so they remain plump and healthy. The Energy Complex helps stimulate the process of skin repair by helping to neutralize free radicals that cause signs of aging and cheerleading the skin renewal process that helps the skin look brighter, firmer, and healthier. Our Energy Complex can be found in our Blue Agave Mask, Bare It All Foundation, and No Filter Primer.

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How To Look Amazing All Day

Making sure both wings are even and your concealer is set takes dedication. Nothing is more frustrating than looking in the mirror after what you thought was a “perfect makeup day” to find you have cakey foundation hours later. To look amazing all day, read through our tips below.

Primers are key.

Primer creates the perfect canvas for your foundation to adhere to throughout the day. From pore-minimizing to illuminizing, there’s a primer that was made with your skin type in mind. For oily or combination skin, use a mattifying primer like Make It Matte which helps to absorb oil and minimize pores for a smooth, flawless finish. If you have dry skin, Hydrate & Balance Correcting Primer will give you deep hydration with a mattified finish. To achieve that insta-ready luminous glow, No Filter Blurring Photography Primer is a multitasking product that you can use to prime, mix in with foundation or blend onto the high points of your face.

Choose a longwear foundation.

Longwear formulas are essential to your makeup lasting all day, meaning high-performance foundations that adhere to your skin ” and stay there. Silicone-based formulas like Kat Von D’s Lock It Tattoo Foundation promises 24-hour wear while Bare It All promises 12-hours of wear. “This foundation really surprised me,” said Kaitie at From in a review of Bare It All. “From the name I was expecting a sheer, natural-looking finish  but this foundation is very thick in consistency and gives you full coverage.” If you’re looking for a flat matte finish with very full coverage, you might like the Kat Von D formula. If you like a more semi-matte, skin-like finish with buildable coverage to your foundation, you should try Bare It All. “I like the foundation,” YouTuber Dania Lanese said “It gives you a semi-matte finish.” The key to application is to apply these formulas with a damp blending sponge. Like the Beauty Blender, Contour Blending Sponge  was made to apply foundation flawlessly. Tap the foundation onto your skin and use the blending sponge to “press and roll” the product onto the face vs. swiping.

Opt for the right concealer.

Little known concealer trick? Your concealer should match the consistency of your foundation (i.e. liquid, cream) to minimize creasing and separating. Longwear foundations often have a thicker texture so a creamy concealer, like Disappearing Act, works best. Similarly, Kevyn Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer provides tattoo-like coverage for a premium price. Disappearing Act works double time to conceal imperfections while also providing nourishing skincare to repair the areas needing coverage. For warmer weather, Disappearing Ink is your go-to. Being a concealer pen with thinner consistency, its coverage layers seamlessly over tinted moisturizers and sheer foundations.

Set it and forget it.

Once you’ve finished your entire look, it’s time to set it. Setting powders discourage foundation and concealers from creasing or caking especially when both are longwearing. Translucent powders simply set your cream products without adding any coverage. When you use a powder foundation, like 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation, to set your look you get the bonus of more coverage and skincare benefits. Use a big, fluffy Powder Foundation Brush to dip into the 4-in-1 powder, swirl and tap off the excess before lightly tapping the brush onto the areas of your face that you want to set. Hit yourself with a few sprays of Miracle Mist to get rid of the look powders can sometimes leave behind and you’re out the door!

Is Your Skincare Age Appropriate?

Needs change. As the skin ages, it requires different nutrients to keep it healthy and looking vibrant. The key to looking fabulous at any age is prevention, protection and the right products. It is best to consult an aesthetician or dermatologist to get an analysis of the skin and to address any skin concerns. Here are some basics to consider when picking skincare.


Focus on cleansing. This is the perfect time for those who haven’t invested in a proper skin care regimen to do so. Skin is more likely to be oily and blemish-prone due to lingering adolescent acne and lack of proper care. Also, females may experience heightened skin issues due to hormonal birth control. Identify whether skin is sensitive, oily, dry, or combination? A cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sun protection based on skin type is a good start. A skin-loving makeup remover is also a good investment. Those cheap towelettes are laced with ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin and can be overdrying. Remember, removing makeup is not the same as washing the face. Cleansing and toning after makeup removal , especially if using long-wear products , is essential and so is sun protection. It needs to be worn everyday , no exceptions.

Try COSMEDIX’s Purity Solution, PÜR’s Joystick, PÜR’s Air Perfection SPF 50


Focus on the eyes. It may be starting to show how much a certain someone enjoyed their 20s or how much sleep they haven’t gotten since they’ve had children. Fine lines and dark circles may be more noticeable. Pores may appear larger and skin may appear less smooth due to its natural exfoliation rate decreasing by half. This is the time to add an eye cream with a humectant like squalane or a plumping peptide. To keep the skin bright and smooth, add an exfoliator to the regimen. It can be a manual exfoliator like a mask or scrub or a chemical exfoliator like a retinol, enzymes, or hydroxy acids. Sun protection is crucial when using an exfoliator. It can make skin more sensitive to the sun so an SPF needs to be worn daily.

Try PÜR’s Tone Up, Dirty Girl and Ceretin Serum


Focus on elasticity. The neck and chest may start to look crepey. Fine lines, wrinkles, droopiness around the eyes and sagging skin may start to appear. These are all signs of loss of elasticity. Adding a serum, eye cream, or a moisturizer with peptides can help stimulate collagen production to improve the look of the skin.

Try PÜR’s Tone Up, Aloette’s Be Smooth and PÜR’s Get A Lift

Over 50

Focus on moisture. Anti-aging moisturizers aren’t going to magically take 20 years off the face or make up for decades of improper care, but it will give the skin what it needs to look its best. Lines and wrinkles in skin over fifty can deepen as skin starts to thin and sag. Hyperpigmentation and blotchiness can also increase. Nourishing the skin with moisture and continue a nighttime regimen of retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, amino acids, and other firming and retexturizing ingredients to keep skin from becoming rough, flaky and dull.

Try PÜR’s M.M.C., Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Serum

4 Game Changers for a Sweat-Proof Beauty Routine

Whether you want to perfect your athleisure look or you just need to not look a hot mess in front of your gym crush, these four tricks will help you look like you woke up like this in under five minutes.

Trick 1: It’s all about that base.

You have two options for looking flawless when it comes to your foundation. You can opt for a dewy or semi-matte long-wear formula or you can opt for a tinted moisturizer. The texture is key. Most matte formulas will crease or crumble with the heat of your body and leave your skin looking like an icky pool of pigment. Just tap a small amount of longwear formula like PÜR’s Bare It All in the areas where you would like to cover up redness, dark spots and blemishes and blend it out for a barely there finish or smooth on a thin layer of tinted moisturizer all over your face. Let it dry completely and don’t worry about setting it.

Trick 2: Opt for a lightweight brightening concealer.

There is a reason why Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat is a cult favorite. It hides the stuff you don’t want others to see and reflects light so you look radiant even when you barely feel awake. Dark spots draw in light or attention (think the “hallows” in your cheeks thanks to contouring) and light spots reflect it. The diamond complex in PÜR’s Disappearing Ink helps bounce the light away from dark under eye circles and puffiness. The trick is in the application. Apply a thin layer to the inner corners of your eyes and on top of a dark crease only. Warm your fingers and tap it in with your middle finger and place any excess product on top of any blemishes. Voila magic.

Trick 3: Make sure it’s waterproof.

I’m talking about your mascara and your brow definer. There is nothing worse than blotting your face mid-workout and your eyelashes and brows suddenly go missing in action.

Trick 4: Make sure your lips are on point.

Sweating can dry out your lips. Make sure you stay hydrated and moisturize your lips before you start your workout. EOS Lip Balm does the trick. Layer on PÜR’s Chrome Glaze in DIY for when you flash a smile at bae on the treadmill.

PÜR Goes To Paradise

PÜR is one of the pioneers of beauty meets digital influence. Over the past year, PÜR has been working closely with top-tier beauty influencers to reshape the industry landscape using social media to engage PÜR Beauties across the globe. Last week, we invited some of these key influencers on a trip to paradise with us to celebrate our newest and biggest-yet product launches of 2017. We travelled all the way to warm and sunny Anguilla to put our new performance products to the test.

Our PÜR Beauties Sona (@simplysona), Kristen (@kristenxleanne), Laura (@larlarlee), Angel (@mac_daddyy),  Jackie (@jackieaina), Nicol (@nicolconcilio), Karen (@iluvsarahii), Ellarie (@ellarie), Denise (@makeupbydenise), Sonjdra (@sonjdradeluxe), Hailie (@hailiebarber), Andrea (@andrearussett), Melissa (@alatorreee), Christen (@christendominique), Maryam (@maryamnyc) and Jade (@jadeywadey180) were among the exclusive party guests to celebrate our launches.

Our itinerary was complete with fun day-time activities including speed boating around the island of St. Marteen and enjoying stunning views from convertible Mini Coopers on the island of St. Barths. We also threw several evening parties like the Masquerade Ball, an all white Beach Affair and a Slay Soiree in Anguilla where we launched some of our most coveted new products Chrome Glaze Lip Glosses, Velvet Matte Liquid Lipsticks, self-sharpening On Point Lip Liners, PRO Eyelashes, Bare It All 12-Hour 4-in-1 Skin-Perfecting Foundation, No Filter Primer, and our Skin-Perfecting Brushes.

Our beauty gurus were extremely excited about the new launches. Nicol Concilio said “The Trolls Eye Shadow Palette was amazing! Totally loved how it was different than anything you guys have done in the past.” And others couldn’t wait to try the new lip collection and complexion products. Our PÜR Beauties tested the Bare It All foundation and found it had wonderful wear all day in and out of the sun.

If you’d like to see more of the trip, check out our pics from #paradisewithpur

PUR Gives: More Than A Pretty Face

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of PÜR Gives, a year-long initiative to support charitable organizations that are close to our heart. Starting today through January 16th, PÜR will be donating $1 for every product sold on PÜ to the END IT movement. Slavery still exists. The END IT movements wants everyone to know that there are 27 million men, women and children, just like them, living in the shadows of modern day slavery and human trafficking.




A Touch of Silver at the Golden Globes

There were big wins last night at the Golden Globes for record-breaking La La Land, our hometown show Atlanta and Moonlight starring Atlanta-based singer, model and actress Janelle Monae. However, our eyes were focused on all the beauty looks on the red carpet. What did we notice? A new trend, of course. Silver shadow was the choice pick for makeup artists to the glamorous starlets. Anna Kendrick and Nicole Kidman wore silver shadow on their lids and though Felicity Jones ended up on some worst dressed lists for her Gucci dress, her silver smoky eye was a beauty win. Some actresses wore silver as an accent adding just a hint of shimmer. Vogue cover star Ruth Negga wore a lilac smoky eye accentuated by a shimmery silver crease which perfectly suited her sequined Louis Vuitton gown while Janelle wore just a dot of silver in the center of her undereye reviving the 2015 trend. Gina Rodriguez wore her silver shadow on the inner corners of her eyes which added an acute focus on her flawless eye fringe. For all the celebrities who opted for a little sparkle, the look was not complete without glam lashes. From doe-eyed to long and whispy to full on glamazon, these ladies eye looks and supporting lashes were winners even if they didn’t take home any awards.

The PÜR-fect Gifts For The Beauty Queens

Running out of great gift ideas? We know that holiday shopping may sometimes be tough, especially when shopping for a beauty queen. For the beauty queen, mainstream cosmetics just won’t cut it. She’s looking for something so extra that not only looks and feels amazing, but will also make her standout at the holiday party. To help you navigate through the glitz and glam, we’ve narrowed down our top beauty buys from eye polishes to sparkly compacts to cover your holiday shopping moments before Christmas.

The Glowing Goddess

Mastering the perfect radiant glow can be tough, but any queen can make it happen with the Elevation Palette. The mini highlighter palette comes with a mini fan brush to touch up your beaming cheek-bones on-the-go!

The Queen of Sparkle

These eye-popping liquid eye shadows will be the perfect addition to her glimmering collection. The pigmented metallic polish comes in the prettiest packaging ever and offers 5 uniquely stunning shades.

Glam Girl

The glam girl loves her glosses and her matte liquid lipsticks. Make her feel like royalty with the luxurious 4-Piece Royalty Lip Collection or the perfectly gift packaged Perfect Matte Kit this holiday season!

Complexion PÜR-fection

The complexion junkie takes her foundation very seriously and will love this bedazzled compact powder not just for its looks, but also for the way it flawlessly covers any imperfections. A must-have in her beauty bag!

Skin Connoisseur  

This travel-friendly skin starter kit can fully accomplish an everyday skin care routine with a variety of PÜR favorites.

The Jetsetter

For the queen that already has all the beauty products she needs, but has nowhere to put them when she is jetsetting across the globe. This 5-Piece Pro Brush Set is the ideal travel companion for a queen on-the-go.