The Perfect Pout with Etienne Ortega

Etienne Ortega slays. His clientele includes the biggest and the baddest girls on television. His star-studded clientel includes the Kardashians, Christina Aguilera and Nicki Minaj  and his work has graced the pages of Vogue, Allure and Glamour. He has risen to five star status while also being among the youngest and most talented celebrity hair and makeup artists in the industry. So we figured who better to ask than Etienne about one of the most talked about beauty trends in the world.  How do we get the perfect pout?

Can you give us a step-by-step on how you create fuller lips?
Step one is lining your lips with a liner that is a shade darker than the lipstick you are using. Next, you need to overdraw the lips on the outer corners of your lips to give them more of a pout look. Finally, apply your lipstick and blend both colors together.

Are there common mistakes people make when trying to make their lips look full?
Yes, when people overline their lips too much it can come off clowny.

What would you say to a woman who thinks she can’t wear bold lip color?
YES YOU CAN! Makeup is fun and it should stay fun! Try it!

What are your tips for choosing the right shade of red for your skin tone?
I would say lighter skin should wear lighter or more subtle shades of reds and darker skin tones should wear deeper reds.

How do you help someone pick the right nude lip for their skin tone?
A nude lip can also be challenging. Lighter skin tones can rock almost any nude, but tanned skin or chocolate skin should go 2 or 3 shades darker!

Any tricks to make a lip color stay all day or all night? Is it really in the formula or is it in the application?
I really think the formula has everything to do with it. Nowadays there are so many fabulous long-lasting products. If you’re looking for that long-lasting lipwear then get a pro long-wear formula.

How do you properly use lip liners and what should we look for when choosing the right one? Does it really change the wear of your lipstick?
When choosing a lip liner, I suggest you find one that is long-lasting. Since it is the base for your lips it must last to keep your lipstick from bleeding.

What shades or lip looks are you loving right now?
Right now, I’m obsessed with peachy nudes, I feel like its always been my go to color, but I do have an obsession with that color range.

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Let’s Revolt: How To Use The Revolution Kit

Are you ready for the new portable palette that everyone is gushing about? It’s here! The party-ready Revolution Eye Shadow Kit features 5 perfect-for-autumn colors and comes with a mini Fully Charged Mascara that recharges your look in a blink of an eye. Revolution celebrates all the luxuries of a PÜR product and helps you feel your best self! The palette is the perfect day-to-night companion for when you’re on-the-go and need to condense your makeup bag, and its great to add to your PÜR collection, introduce to a friend or give as a gift.

Keep reading to find out how to use our new Revolution Kit!

First and foremost, you need to have the right preparation tools! We recommend using the Cease Crease Eye Shadow Primer for best results. If you’re looking to achieve a subtle wash of color, apply your favorite shades with an eye shadow brush. For a more dramatic look, dampen the brush for intense color or tap the eye shadows on the lid with your finger. If you’d like shimmery finish that’s sure to last all night, you can go in with the Eye Polish in Satin, Silk or Velvet and apply all over the lid with the applicator after applying your Revolution shadows!

We love an unconventional twist to any look, so if you’re feeling adventurous elevate your party look by adding About Face or Superior to the center of your lips for an instant ombre pout guaranteed to turn heads!

Once your look is complete, follow you eye look with two coats of the Fully Charged Mascara that’s inside your kit. Start at the base of the eye lid and wiggle the wand gently back and forth through to the tips of the lashes for a PÜRfectly dramatic eye!

All dolled up? Don’t forget to share your looks with us. #PURBeauty and get a chance to be featured!

Remembering Jake Bailey

Celebrity Makeup Artist Jake Bailey’s master techniques have stayed with us. From his showstopping looks created for icons from Selena Gomez to Katy Perry, his talent for both bold and beautiful artistry help set the bar for future generations.

“Jake Bailey was someone I looked up to and admired for years,” said fellow Makeup Artist Etienne Ortega. “I was lucky enough to get to work with him once for a Redbook cover. I was so nervous to meet him because I admired him so much. The minute we met, Jake was the kindest person ever and I was so happy to work with him. We bonded throughout the day and we made plans to work together… unfortunately that would be the first and last day I would ever see Jake.”

October 23 is the anniversary of his passing. He was 37 “I am still so sad that the world lost him, I feel blessed to have had an opportunity to work with him,” said Julie Campbell, VP of marketing for PÜR. “He was deeply admired by many and served as a wonderful mentor to the next generation of artists.”

“Although he passed,” Etienne said. “I am so grateful to have met one of my biggest inspirations and I will always remember his beautiful masterpieces, and more than that, his beautiful soul.”

In an article that originally ran in January 2015, we had the chance to get up close and personal with Jake. Here we re-share some of his best advice.

For a big event, do you view makeup as a necessity or an accessory?

Makeup is always an accessory. Nobody “needs” makeup. Makeup is a bonus ” and it’s supposed to be fun. Never feel like you must wear makeup especially if you are more comfortable without it. It also depends on the event. Is it the Oscars or a champion bridge tournament? I would never advise anyone to attend an award show without at least some makeup, but it’s all about what makes you feel best.

What is the first step to prepping the skin for makeup?

Clean it! I love Simplicity Soothing Cleanser followed by an exfoliating mask. If you are a little dry, use Kate Somerville Deep Tissue Repair and if you’re super dry go for the La Mer Moisturizing Cream.

How do you choose a makeup color palette for eyes, lip and cheeks?

Generally, I’ll first decide which feature I’m going to focus on ““ eyes, cheeks or lips. What’s my priority? I’ll work on that feature first and then envision which shades will complement rather than contrast from the feature I’m focusing on.  Think of it as the “star” feature of the night. If it is the eyes, then lips and cheeks will be supporting players there to complement but not distract or compete with the “star”.

If I’ve done a dark eye, I’ll look for softer or more neutral lip and cheek shades. If I’ve done a dark lip, I’ll create a lighter eye and cheek look. If I’ve done a dark eye and lip, I’ll definitely go easy on the cheeks and probably use as neutral a shade as possible to add warmth and balance but no additional “color” to the look. Generally, you can’t get away with all three unless you are a pop star or a Vegas showgirl. More often than not, it’s a matter of trial and error. I’ll often try two or three lip or cheek colors before deciding on the right one.

What is the final step to ensure your makeup holds up throughout the event?

Translucent powder. I always wait to powder until just before a client leaves. My goal is to use as little as possible, so right before they leave I’ll blot them down with a sponge and some blotting papers and dust their entire face with an almost colorless sheer powder to keep everything fresh and in place.

I’m only carrying a small clutch to the event, what is the one touch up item to not leave home without?

If the event is televised or photographed than definitely bring powder. A little shine can look like a lot of grease on camera, otherwise I’d say bring lip color. I always make sure my clients leave with both.

Jake’s amazing work can still be seen on Instagram @byjakebailey.

Jade King’s Favorites

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, 23-year-old Jade King (@camillaluxx) is a newbie in the beauty blogging industry. It is easy to see that she loves everything glowy and glam like Amra Olevi (@amrezy) so it made total sense that Amra would hit like on Jade’s ‘Gram when her highlight was on point. (We took notice too!) Jade took over our Snapchat this week to share one of the radiant looks she created using the Transformation and the Love Your Selfie 2 Palette.


Prime your face for foundation and conceal any blemishes and dark circles.

Set your undereye with 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup. She used the Light Tan shade.

She used the 4-in-1 in Golden Medium to even out her skin tone on the rest of her face.

Coat lips with the Agave Lip Oil from The Perfect Matte Lip Collection kit.

Use HydraGel Lift to prime the lid and undereye.

Apply Metamorphosis from the Transformation Palette into the crease first and along the lower lash line.

Apply Panorama from the Love Your Selfie 2 Palette into the crease and blend together.

Apply Eye Polish in Silk on the lid.

Coat lashes with Fully Charged Mascara.

Use the Solar shade in the Sun-Kissed Glow Palette on the high points of the face such as the bridge of the nose, the cupid’s bow and the tops of the cheeks.

Coat lips with Obsession from The Perfect Matte Lip Collection kit and layer Oh Bae on top.

Snap a selfie and tag it #purbeauty.

For more beauty inspiration, follow Jade King on Instagram here or YouTube here.


New Ways to Think About Primers

PÜR is all about meeting the needs of your skin type starting from the base layer “ primer. When it comes to primers, you are most likely looking for a product that evens out your skin tone and texture, making your make-up application easier and longer-lasting. PÜR  has a wide range of primers that not only protect and nurture your skin, but also flawlessly correct any unwanted blemishes. Priming your face is a crucial step to acing your base, so you want to make sure that you are using the right products for your complexion, and don’t be afraid to mix and match!  We understand that primers are a bit of a minefield and we are here to give you a comprehensive overview of our color correcting primers.

Illuminate & Glow

Illuminate & Glow is a stroke of brilliance. It instantly adds a dose of brilliance to dull, tired and stressed-looking skin and also helps to minimize the appearance of pores, lines, wrinkles and imperfections.

Hydrate & Balance

Hydrate & Balance is an oil-free, silicone-free primer that helps provide 72 hours of deep hydration to the skin while providing a mattified makeup look free of the appearance of blemishes for irritable, breakout-prone skin.

Dark Spot Corrector

Neutralize the look of dark circles, age spots, freckles and uneven skin tone with peach-toned Dark Spot Corrector. This primer can help brighten and firm the skin’s appearance while smoothing away the look of lines with clinically proven skin care technology.

Prep & Perfect

Instantly reduce the appearance of pores and create a flawless, uniform skin tone. This lightweight primer also brightens and firms the skin’s appearance while leaving a silky smooth finish.

Redness Reducer

Redness Reducer offsets the look of irritation with its green hue while instantly reducing the appearance of pores and brightening the complexion.


PÜR’s Transformation Palette X Serein Wu

There is nothing easier than hanging out with Serein Wu in Los Angeles. Her YouTube channel Dress Yourself Happy is one of our faves. Her upbeat demeanor makes her the perfect partner to chat it up with while trying on makeup. On Facebook Live last month, we introduced her to Transformation  our new eye shadow and cheek palette  and answered all your questions about the putty to powder eye shadows and creamy blush and contour. Serein was already a PÜR fan and shared with our viewers her experience with other products. “The ingredients are a lot less irritating than a lot of products on the market. (And after a workout)… this stuff just doesn’t move.”

After our Facebook Live session, we followed up with Serein about final impressions.

5 Things I Love About The Transformation Palette
– It’s the perfect fall palette to update your makeup bag.
– It has a super long-lasting formula.
– It’s ultra-pigmented.
– It’s easy to use.
– It has a large, quality mirror that’s perfect for on-the-go touch=ups and travel.

Watch our Facebook Live video here. Also, follow her on Instagram for fashion and beauty inspiration @sereinwu.

PÜR’s Guide To Atlanta

Our hometown of Atlanta, Georgia is full of things to do. When our team of #girlbosses aren’t flying around the country, the world or the city, they make time to enjoy food and fun in the ATL. Tisha Thompson, VP of PÜR, Heidi Davis, PÜR’s National Sales Director, and Lynnette Cole, PÜR’s Global Education Director, shared with Create & Cultivate their favorite spots in the city.

Secret guilty “tourist” spot pleasure: (Tisha & Heidi agree!) “You have to go to the Georgia Aquarium. It’s amazing!!”

Favorite spot to have dinner with a colleague: “We all love and frequent South City Kitchen. I am a huge fan of shrimp and grits so this is a must for me.” Heidi said.

Favorite location to have a glass of wine: “I love trying new places. I’m really excited to try the new French bistro Le Bilboquet! The Boeuf Bourguignon has my name all over it!” Lynnette said.

The one spot in ATL you’d recommend to anyone: “Breakfast at The St Regis. It’s the St Regis, need I say more?” Heidi said.

The one thing about ATL that lives up to its reputation: “Nightlife & Music. The night scene is a very vibrant in Atlanta. There is always somewhere cool to go and listen to great music and have a great time,” Tisha said.

Learn more about each #girlboss and their favorite ATL spots here.

Introducing The 10th Anniversary Collection

PÜR is one of the pioneers of makeup meets skincare. For the last decade our cult-favorite, hero product has been our 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup with Skincare and its Chisel Brush. Together, this power pair has simplified makeup routines across the globe by offering all-in-one foundation, concealer, powder and SPF 15 coverage. It’s Ceretin Complex “ a combination of age-defying retinol and moisturizing ceramides “ is clinically proven to correct, prevent and interrupt your biggest skin concerns. With a few swipes of the chisel brush, you’ve achieved a flawless complexion in 60 seconds.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this duo and more than 5 million compacts sold, we crowned the packaging with jewels on this notorious pair. We also threw a pretty amazing party in L.A. Key influencers showed up for our poolside affair. Our PÜR Beauties Sona (@simplysona), Kristen (@kristenxleanne), Michelle (@readysetglamour), Angel (@mac_daddyy), Laura (@larlarlee), Jackie (@jackieaina), Nicol (@nicolconcilio), Karen (@iamkareno) and Jade (@jadeywadey180) were among the exclusive party guests to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.

We’ve named this holiday collection The Perfect 10 to commemorate our beginning in retail stores and to celebrate our lovely journey this far. Though we are PÜR The Complexion Authority, this holiday collection offers diverse color collections with exciting new formulas in bold, rich, dramatic hues. Love Your Selfie 2 ambassadors were definitely in the place and sharing their love for the all-in-one palette. This is just the beginning of our The Perfect 10 Holiday Collection. Stay tuned.

Spring 2017 Fashion Forecast: Bare Beauty

Every Fashion Week we look to the runway for inspiration. For many designers, street style influences the next runway trend and vice versa. We look for new trends and excuses to ditch the old ones. Though Fashion Week is not yet over in New York “ and fashion month is just beginning “ we did notice one surprisingly simple beauty trend. This year, we saw a lot of bare faces.

This is different than the no makeup makeup seen at the Oscar de la Renta show. The goal here is that your makeup should be minimal and natural so that your skin looks flawless. With no makeup makeup there is still 12 steps. It’s deceptive how not simple no makeup makeup can be.

For Spring/Summer 2017, skin is in. Bravely bare skin. We’re talking about minimalist bare. The kind of bare that Cline ad campaigns are known for. These bare faces weren’t just seen at urban street style meets runway star Alexander Wang’s show. The boys at Proenza Schouler paired their bare faced beauties with sophisticated patterns, bold cutouts and statement earrings.

For some, leaving the house in tinted moisturizer and Carmex gives them as much anxiety as putting on lashes without ruining their makeup. NOON BY NOOR and Denibi Barcelona offered some makeup inspiration for those who want to keep a little color in their makeup routine. Denibi Barcelona paired a bright pink lip with an otherwise simple look. While NOON BY NOOR paired a nude colored lip with a simple vanilla liner on the top lid. (You can try this with your Secret Crush palette.) These tricks will add a hint or pop of color to make your bare face feel a little more done.

If you are brave enough to go bare, skincare is the key. It’s crucial to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. Healthy skin is your best accessory.

Behind the Brush: Kathy Jeung

Celebrity Makeup Artist Kathy Jeung has been in the business for over twenty years and has spanned her self-taught workmanship into the fashion, beauty and entertainment industries. Through her iconic experimentation with color and fondness for collaboration, she has garnered relationships with pop sensations  Gwen Stefani and Pink as well as renowned photographers Rankin, Mark Seliger and Francesco Carrozzini. Recently, Kathy brilliantly transformed British Songstress Rita Ora into a late night femme fatale in the September issue of Vogue Italia. Today, Kathy tells us how to use her favorite bronzing products and highlighters to maintain the perfect bronze all year long — illustrated below on Rita.

 What are the most common mistakes a woman can make when it comes to choosing and applying a bronzer?

– not blending

– using shades too dark or orangey

– wrong placement

– overdoing it

With application, a light, incremental hand is always best. Layering product is always better than too much in one go. It also helps with staying power. Blend well so there aren’t any hard edges. The goal is to not easily see where product begins and ends. That’s why I’m so excited by PÜR Cosmetic’s new bronzing products, especially Glow Together Gradient Matte-Shimmer Bronzer and Moonlight Glow Strobe/Highlight Palette. They make it easy “ almost foolproof “ to apply a beautiful bronzed glow and highlight to your makeup look.

Explain cream vs. powder bronzer formulas – which do you prefer? When would someone use one vs. the other? What are the best tips for applying each type?

Use powder for a more subdued bronze look. It has better staying power. For a moist, dewy look, use cream bronzer. It’s better for dry skin. I like to use both: powder first, applying with a full, rounded, wedge-shaped brush like Kryolan Premium 35mm Powder Brush, then following it with a cream bronzer applied with a makeup sponge or a dual fiber stippling brush like Sephora Collection Pro Stippling Brush #44. This 2-step application gives the cream something to grab onto. It also optically adds more dimension.

Do you prefer a matte bronzer or shimmer? Does one work better for a specific look than others?

For me, I like to use a matte bronzer to sculpt the face contours. Apply bronzer to the hollow of cheeks, jawline, and under chin. Shimmer bronzers add more shine to the skin and give a soft-focus bronzed look to an area. To accentuate parts of the face that should come forward like tops of cheeks and, for some faces use a lighter shade of highlighting shimmer bronzer along the length of the nose. Adding more shine and shimmer works best for evening looks. Avoid products with obvious glitter during the day. Sheen for day. Sparkle for night.

How can a woman choose the best bronzer for her skin tone? Any rules to follow?

In choosing bronzers for women with light to medium complexions, I prefer to use cool to warm-toned bronzers and only use warmer or orangey bronzers for darker skin tones. For all skin tones, use a bronzer not too many shades darker than skin color.

How can you use bronzer on other areas of your body?

Bronzer is also effective to enhance contours on the body. Use it in hollow of collarbone and between breasts. If your midriff is showing, you can apply it under the hip bone and along the length of your solar plexus.

Follow Kathy on Instagram @KathyJeung for more makeup inspiration.