PUR Gives: More Than A Pretty Face

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of PÜR Gives, a year-long initiative to support charitable organizations that are close to our heart. Starting today through January 16th, PÜR will be donating $1 for every product sold on PÜRcosmetics.com to the END IT movement. Slavery still exists. The END IT movements wants everyone to know that there are 27 million men, women and children, just like them, living in the shadows of modern day slavery and human trafficking.




A Touch of Silver at the Golden Globes

There were big wins last night at the Golden Globes for record-breaking La La Land, our hometown show Atlanta and Moonlight starring Atlanta-based singer, model and actress Janelle Monae. However, our eyes were focused on all the beauty looks on the red carpet. What did we notice? A new trend, of course. Silver shadow was the choice pick for makeup artists to the glamorous starlets. Anna Kendrick and Nicole Kidman wore silver shadow on their lids and though Felicity Jones ended up on some worst dressed lists for her Gucci dress, her silver smoky eye was a beauty win. Some actresses wore silver as an accent adding just a hint of shimmer. Vogue cover star Ruth Negga wore a lilac smoky eye accentuated by a shimmery silver crease which perfectly suited her sequined Louis Vuitton gown while Janelle wore just a dot of silver in the center of her undereye reviving the 2015 trend. Gina Rodriguez wore her silver shadow on the inner corners of her eyes which added an acute focus on her flawless eye fringe. For all the celebrities who opted for a little sparkle, the look was not complete without glam lashes. From doe-eyed to long and whispy to full on glamazon, these ladies eye looks and supporting lashes were winners even if they didn’t take home any awards.

Behind the Brush: Denika Bedrossian

What’s it like working with one of the biggest pop stars in the world? Celebrity makeup artist Denika Bedrossian can tell us all about it. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Denika Bedrossian grew up admiring the beauty of makeup and mastering the art of cat eye at an early age. Most known for her intricate liquid eyeliner techniques, she makes up the faces of some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Miley Cyrus, Sarah Hyland and Hailey Baldwin. Find out what personally inspires Denika, how to achieve the perfect cat eye in three easy steps and get the inside scoop on some of the most common eyeliner mistakes.

Break down the different types of cat eye for us.

The Cat Eye can be so intimidating to most, but with the right kind of wing and tools, anyone can have one! Here’s my breakdown of a few of my favorite Cat Eyes.

  • There is the Classic, which has the gradual line from thin to thick and flicks out at the edge of the eye. This works well on larger and almond shaped eyes.
  • For a smaller, more narrow eye, the Smooth Line is most flattering. This liner maintains the same, thinner line throughout the length of the eye with a slight extension out.
  • For a more Dramatic Look, you can line the entire eye lid all the way up to the crease to create a solid lid that extends into a wing. This works well on eyes with a larger lid.
  • The Feline and the Pin-Up are very similar cat eyes. This liner creates and elongates the eye by starting thin and slowly winging upwards towards the tip of the brow, so it works well with almond, round, small and thin eyes. For smaller eyes, you can also add a light eye pencil inside the water line to create the illusion of a larger eye. Adding a soft bottom liner below, and/or mascara, can help make the eye pop for either a natural or dramatic look. Finally, for a more hooded eye, top liner doesn’t always work. So try lining just the bottom lash line and extending it upwards from the bottom up.

Do you prefer liquid liner, gel or pencil eyeliners?

When it comes to eyeliner, it truly is personal preference. Some people aren’t as comfortable with liquid eye liner as they are with pencil. PÜR Cosmetics makes a fantastic Double Ego Dual-Ended Eyeliner that has the liquid option on one side and a smudgy mineral pencil on the other. Personally, I LOVE to use liquid as well as gel. MAC Cosmetics makes my favorite Fluidline Gel Eyeliners. I have always been very comfortable using brushes, so a perfectly sharp angle brush is my go to. My current obsession is Smith Cosmetics 205 Angled Liner Brush. Its amazingly sharp, smooth and easy to use. I feel like I have more control and can layer to my heart’s desire.

Give us a perfect cat eye how-to in three steps.

  1. Take a piece of tape from under your bottom lash line and follow the eye shape up and out. This also helps with getting both eyes looking even!
  2. Add liner from the middle of the eye, towards the outer crease, fill in the line from the tape to create the length and width of your wing.
  3. Remove the tape and have a perfectly sharp cat eye.

What are the most common mistakes someone can make when trying to create a cat eye?

A common mistake is to start the wing or cat eye from the outside in. This will only make it harder. It will set the shape and size of the liner before creating the shape of your eye. I start in the middle of the eye, create the perfect line and gradation towards the edge. Create the wing, then end with most delicate part of the line, the front of the eye.

An inky black is the most go to color for this look. Can we funk up the cat eye with white liner or another color?

I definitely love black liner, but sometimes it’s nice to add some fun to your eyes. I often use plum, bronze or rusty colors on my clients with blue eyes. Greens, blues and purples on clients with brown eyes and warm plums, rich browns and burgundy for green eyes. I also like to play with colored mascaras if the liner is black or brown. I’m really loving the Chanel Inimitable Waterproof colored mascaras. Try using a fan brush to apply mascara on your bottom lashes for more control of the bottom of your cat eye. (MAC Brush #205)

Is there another dramatic eye look for someone who just can’t master the cat eye?

If mastering the cat eye just isn’t working for you, try adding a darker or fun color into your waterline and smudge out similar tones into the lash line and loads of mascara (PÜR Cosmetics Big Looks Mascara is my FAVORITE) for a dramatic, yet subtle smoky eye. Or try playing with shadows to create a softer more diffused cat eye. PÜR Cosmetics Secret Crush Eyeshadow Palette is such a great tool for a smoky look, a soft dewy eye or a warmer golden shadow. Cat eye doesn’t necessary mean liner, get creative at the edge of the eye.

Follow Denika on Instagram @dendoll for more makeup inspiration.

The PÜR-fect Gifts For The Beauty Queens

Running out of great gift ideas? We know that holiday shopping may sometimes be tough, especially when shopping for a beauty queen. For the beauty queen, mainstream cosmetics just won’t cut it. She’s looking for something so extra that not only looks and feels amazing, but will also make her standout at the holiday party. To help you navigate through the glitz and glam, we’ve narrowed down our top beauty buys from eye polishes to sparkly compacts to cover your holiday shopping moments before Christmas.

The Glowing Goddess

Mastering the perfect radiant glow can be tough, but any queen can make it happen with the Elevation Palette. The mini highlighter palette comes with a mini fan brush to touch up your beaming cheek-bones on-the-go!

The Queen of Sparkle

These eye-popping liquid eye shadows will be the perfect addition to her glimmering collection. The pigmented metallic polish comes in the prettiest packaging ever and offers 5 uniquely stunning shades.

Glam Girl

The glam girl loves her glosses and her matte liquid lipsticks. Make her feel like royalty with the luxurious 4-Piece Royalty Lip Collection or the perfectly gift packaged Perfect Matte Kit this holiday season!

Complexion PÜR-fection

The complexion junkie takes her foundation very seriously and will love this bedazzled compact powder not just for its looks, but also for the way it flawlessly covers any imperfections. A must-have in her beauty bag!

Skin Connoisseur  

This travel-friendly skin starter kit can fully accomplish an everyday skin care routine with a variety of PÜR favorites.

The Jetsetter

For the queen that already has all the beauty products she needs, but has nowhere to put them when she is jetsetting across the globe. This 5-Piece Pro Brush Set is the ideal travel companion for a queen on-the-go.

PÜR Gift Guide

The holidays are fast approaching and we know that you are busying planning your outfits and your holiday vacay.  Buying gifts has surely slipped lower and lower on your to-do list. It’s easy to say that we have something for everyone on your list, but we really do! Even the boys in your life can benefit from a little PÜR magic. Besides, moisturizer is the great equalizer. No one has ever said, “regifting” at the sight of skincare.

Let’s start with the dudes. Your dad loves to look good, even if it’s just for your mom. He’s probably been stealing her skincare for years. You know better than to buy your eye cream from the grocery store, so why not treat your dad to some skin-loving products of his very own.

We recommend: Tone Up, Soak It Up or M.M.C.

The Naturalista on your list would love Dirty Girl. It unclogs pores, clarifies and gently exfoliates with a blend of deep cleansing natural clays and soothing botanicals. The hippiest of chics can get down with Dirty Girl.

You may or may not consider yourself a makeup junkie, but you know someone on your list who is. They’re always trying new things and trying to convince you to try new looks also. Your “more glam the better” friend deserves the Royalty Collection. If your friend is as addicted to Insta as we are, they probably follow Jade or Angel or both. They are both social stars and beauty gurus with more than 2 million fans. They collaborated with us to create a limited-edition uber-glam makeup and eye collection that will become your friend’s go-to for all the parties to come.

We recommend: Royalty 5-Piece Eye Polish Collection + Royalty 4-Piece Luxe Lip Collection

Good tools make or break your makeup. Good makeup brushes can be expensive, but they are totally worth it. Why don’t you spoil someone with our brush collection? Our PÜR Pro Tools 5-Piece Set is the perfect colelctionof professional-grade artistry tools for perfected complexions for a fraction of the price. The included bag makes it the perfect gift for your friend who is always on the go.

We recommend: PÜR Pro Tools 5-Piece Set

If you are in need of some stocking-stuffers that are sure to delight every makeup lover on your list, grab some palettes. Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one makeup kit, a highlighter collection or fun new shadows for the girl that has everything else, palettes are the no-fail gift of choice and some are as low as $15.

We recommend: palettes

START BLUSHING: New Ways To Think About Blush

With the popularity of contouring and highlighting, blush has become an afterthought. However, the sculpting power of contour means that not only is the look of your face getting a more chiseled appearance, cheeks are more profound and being accentuated by glowy highlighters. But, what if you wanted to bring some color to the face that wasn’t a pearlescent shimmer or a face-lifting shadowy contour? Blush is the answer. Don’t worry. If you still like the results of your highlight and contour, the addition of blush allows you to elevate your color game instead of diminish its results. Here is how.


A perfect day time addition for a slightly pinched cheek look. Apply to the apples of the cheeks and blend in above your contour. Apply your highlight after blush. If applying highlight, opt for the Chateau Cheek Stain with the dewy texture for a lit-from-within look.


Focus the color and intensity on the apples and blend out. The bright color brightens your face and gives your look a playful, irreverent vibe. Pair with a berry matte lip, but make the eyes simply dramatic. Go for a bare skin shadow and pile on the fluffy lashes and Fully Charged Mascara.


First, skip the contour. Focus the intensity of the color where you would place your cheek sculpting contour. Using the Sculpt & Contour Foundation Brush, start at the hollows of the cheeks near the ears and curve up to the cheeks for a sheerer flush of color. (The color should be more concentrated away from the cheeks.) Diffuse the blush for desired intensity with the Powder Foundation Brush. It’s ok to be a little matchy. Pair with a highly pigmented plum lip for night or a glossy pink lip for day.


Peach, orange and coral blush shades are better for warmer weather. Bronze the high points of the face and add a sheer layer of blush on the apples of the cheeks and blend out. This color combination is best on lighter skin tones. On darker skin tones, make sure this colorway has a slight shimmer to it. Dust lightly on the highpoints of the face like a bronzer.


For a classic look: Using the Powder Foundation Blush, push the blush into the apples of the cheeks, then buff out the sides of cheeks leaving space between the cheeks and the hairline. Not often is this the case with blush, but a crimson-colored blush requires precise placement. Skip the contour on the cheeks and focus on contouring the nose and the highlight in the inner corners of the eye to bring the attention to the center of the face. For a trendy look: Focus the blush on the highpoints of the cheeks up to the temples as seen above.


Bring on the romance. A smoky eye pairs well with a demi-matte or matte burgundy blush. Pair with a dark matte lip for a gothic look. For darker skin tones, this color will add the perfect rosy hue to any look, but we prefer to use it with a glossy nude lip and a golden highlighter on the high points of the face.

Get blushing. Share your blush looks with us using #purbeauty on social.

Behind the Brush: Tasha Reiko Brown

We sat down with celebrity make-up artist and beauty expert Tasha Reiko Brown to dish on all things beauty and debunk some of the myths when it comes to makeup and women of color. Tasha is known for her understanding of undertones and finding the right complexion products, which appeals to the likes of Jill Scott, Amandla Stenberg, Yara Shahidi, Mindy Kaling, Jordin Sparks and many more. She celebrates the art of customization and we’re here to lead you through some of her most treasured beauty secrets.

What are some tips and tricks for women of color when choosing the right complexion products for their skin tone?

Knowing your undertone is key. Once you find your undertone, find a shade that perfectly matches the edges of your face and neck. The color has to be spot on but the texture also needs to match and melt into the skin. Stay on the lighter side coverage-wise and only use product as needed. Consider lighter textures (Dior Skin Forever Perfect Foundation, PÜR’s  4-in-1 Foundation) instead of cream if you don’t need much coverage. Really address the skin’s individualized needs before deciding on product.

Explain an undertone, what is it, how many different undertones are there, and how can a woman determine hers?

Undertone is the color beneath the skin’s surface. It’s like a shadow under your surface color.  Undertones are categorized under Warm (the veins on the inside of your wrist look green), Cool (the veins on the inside of your wrist look blue) and Neutral (mix of blue and green veins or hard to determine vein color). Each season your skin color may change, however your undertone does not. Determining undertone is crucial to determining the base color of your foundation as it won’t ever ‘sit right’ as a match if the undertone is off. When it’s a complimentary undertone, your skin will absorb it. If the undertone match is off, it will reflect it back causing the much-dreaded ashy or ruddy face. Knowing undertone also helps you determines which color products for other areas of the face are going to be complimentary and enhance your tone.

Note: Looking at veins through the filter of the skin’s undertone is what causes them to look different in individuals.

What happens if someone can’t find a foundation to match their complexion?

It may take more research and more trial and error, but I promise you the right shade is out there for you. One of the great things about social media is that I see women of color sharing so many beauty looks, tricks, product recommendations and even color swatches online. It’s been a great introduction to fresh boutique brands both worldwide and local that are fantastic for women of color. It really has opened up the market and the exchange of beauty ideas for women of color that weren’t as explored in many mainstream outlets before.

If you really want to perfect your foundation match, custom is the way to go. Lots of brands offer color adjusters (usually orange, red or purple) that you can add to your foundation to adjust it slightly. You can even go the extra step and add luminizers.

Are there products that women with deeper shades should shy away from?

Skip white or pearl frost pigment in all products. Anything with gold, bronze or rust-colored luminizers or shine pigments looks best on deeper skin tones. The white/pearl frost is unnatural and dated. I love PÜR’s Sun-Kissed Glow Strobe and Highlight Palette.

What’s some of the biggest myths when it comes to makeup and women of color?

A huge myth is that woman of color need to shy away from bright shades when it’s very much the opposite. Darker tones are where colors really shine and beautifully pop. Play with color and celebrate the unique richness of your skin tone. Grab fun colors like Persimmon (MAC Blush in Devil), Jade (Lancome Le Crayon Kohl Moss ye pencil and PÜR’s Double Ego Dual-Ended Eyeliner in Bali) and Oxblood (PÜR’s Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick in Addiction) and experiment. You are only limited by your willingness to go bold!

Follow Tasha on Instagram and Twitter @tashareikobrown.

Unveiling The Royalty Collection: Interview With Jade & Angel

If you’ve ever met Jade and Angel (a.k.a. @Mac_daddyy and @jadeywadey180 on Instagram), or are following them on social, you know that they are both creatively gifted and incredibly talented make-up artists, but they are also best friends! Drawing inspiration from the Renaissance era, Jade and Angel brought the notion of royal glamour back to life and launched an exclusive Royalty Eye Polish and Matte Lip collection consisting of Angel’s five-piece eye shadow kit and Jade’s quartet of lip colors.

We sat down with both artists to dish out all the juicy details of their joint collection whilst they were glamming for their launch party in Beverly Hills.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves…

Jade: I am a makeup artist from San Diego. I recently moved to LA and I have been doing make up artistry for 10 years. I am also an aesthetician and have been doing that for 6 years. So, anything beauty, glam or skin-related, I’m obsessed with.

Angel: I’m a celebrity makeup artist, entrepreneur, beauty mogul, jet-setter, creative director, and so much more! I’ve never liked to put myself in a box. I love venturing into different avenues and exploring different industries! It’s all about being open-minded and always setting new goals for yourself.

How did you get into makeup artistry?

J: Growing up I was obsessed with painting and drawing faces, so for me makeup was just the next step , it was art on a live canvas. Every time I do makeup on a client, it feels new and exciting to me. Makeup artistry came as second nature to me, it always seemed really easy and I loved it so much. I also worked in a tattoo parlor earlier in my career, so that’s another fun little fact about me you may not have known.

A: I have always been fascinated with makeup, ever since I was a little boy! My mom would take me shopping with her at department stores and I would just be in awe like a little kid in a candy store! Everything was so shiny and colorful! My very first job as a makeup artist was when I was 16. I worked at a kiosk in the center of the mall where we sold mineral makeup. It was my job to stop traffic and invite people to check out our line. It was a little embarrassing asking strangers to stop and test the product, but that job really broke me out of my shell!

Throughout different jobs I acquired in my teen years, I found myself always coming back to makeup. I fell in love with the idea of being able to make people feel great about themselves.

How did you two become friends?

A: We met on the PÜR trip to Cabo earlier this year and we instantly gravitated towards each other.

Which PÜR product can you not live without?

J: Obviously my lip kit!! But also the Eye Polishes. I have been obsessed with the Eye Polishes since I tried them on the trip with PÜR to Mexico and I cannot live without my Satin Eye Polish. It is the perfect rose gold shimmer!

A: Definitely my mineral glow bronzer. I absolutely love it! I love the texture, I love the color and I love what it does for my skin. It’s like a staple for me! My PÜR 4-in-1 Mineral Powder Foundation , its my go-to when I touch up. I have the 10th Anniversary one, so I just love pulling it out, because it looks so pretty and sparkly and it always comes in handy.

Why did you collaborate with PÜR to create your collection?

J: I have been wanting to come out with lip products for a very long time and I was contacted by many different brands to do a collaboration with, but PÜR is the first brand I felt comfortable with putting my name on because their matte formula is so velvety and comfortable on the lip , they don’t ever crack!! PÜR just has a beautiful formula that feels amazing.

How did you pick the shades for your collection?

J: I wanted to do lip colors that are wearable for all type of skin tones and that look good on everyone. Cake was inspired by the nude that I always wanted to own, but could never find , it is the most perfect neutral shade. I wanted a rose gold shimmer gloss that had sparkles in it, and that is how Queen of Hearts was created. I love royal glamour and deep jewel tones so Empress is the perfect shade for a night out. Lastly Mirror is an iridescent cotton candy pink wearable lip for an everyday look.

A: When creating my colorways, I wanted to make shades that would become staples in all of my glam looks! There’s something for everybody! Silk was one of the first Eye Polishes I ever used and immediately fell in love with it so I wanted to make sure we included that in my kit. The gold and bronze shade are my every day go-tos and the dark purple and glittery gun metal color are for the days you really want to slay! All of the shades have a beautiful sparkle which I felt was a direct reflection of me and my personality!

What was the best part and the most challenging part about creating this collection?

J: The best part was seeing the collection come to life, especially at our photoshoot , slaying, being kings and queens and feeling completely in our element because me and Angel are always super extra.

I think the hardest part was narrowing down the colors to 4 final shades, because there were so many colors I could’ve picked. But I feel like the four that I did choose represented my brand the most , the perfect nude, two beautiful luscious glosses and a really nice berry shade perfect for the holiday season.

A: The most challenging part was definitely the feeling of not having enough sparkle in the product. I didn’t want to hold back when it came to how much sparkle was in there. We had a long back and forth process to make sure that we finally got something perfect that suited all of us. The best part was the end result of seeing everything come to life and the photoshoot because it allowed us to really get into character and feel like royalty.

Do you have a piece of advice for aspiring makeup artists?

A: Location is everything! You want to align yourself in a place you are able to network with other artists, models, photographers and brands. Do not be afraid of putting yourself out there and remember to work really hard and be passionate about what you are doing. Always have an optimistic attitude!

J: I feel extremely blessed for all the things that happened to me. I never thought that being a makeup artist would lead me to where I am today. I feel like I have the most amazing job in the world because I wake up every day feeling like I am not even working. Instead, I’m doing what I love every second of my life. So the advice that I would give is never stop thinking that you can’t have what you dream of because it totally can become a reality and the best thing that has ever happened to you.

What do you hope your fans will take away from this collection?

J: The colors I created are all extremely special to me because they are all colors that I feel are very wearable for all skin types and skin tones. I love that they embody glamour.

A: I hope my fans take away confidence. I really wanted to design something that made everyone feel like absolute royalty.

Shop both kits on purcosmetics.com on November 28th for $42 each. 

How To Elevate Your Look with the Elevation Palette

We live and breathe beauty at PÜR and we’re always up to speed on the latest beauty trends out there.  2016 was the year of the highlighter illuminating beautiful faces all over the world and the buzz has not dimmed down yet! Highlighters are experiencing a dramatic revival, coming up as the most talked about and lusted after beauty product of the holiday season. Our cult-favorite Afterglow Illuminating Powder is getting some partners-in-radiance.

When it comes to that glossy, luminous glow, the Elevation palette really gets it. Introducing three shades of a subtle glow , Boost, Altitude and Upgrade. Each shade adds subtle dimension and sparkle to your features! No shade is created equal and each has its exquisite effects , from peachy glow to cool glimmer to stunning luminosity. Although the formula is firm and powdery, the product quickly sinks in to the skin to give your skin a reflective luster that catches the light in all the right ways.The Elevation palette walks the line between “barely there” and “natural radiance” , perfect for your next office party or to compliment a cozy Christmas-eve dinner look.

How to apply? First, prep your skin with M.M.C. before applying your foundation of choice and concealer. Use the fan brush to dust the highlighter on your cheekbones, brow bones, on the tops of your eyelids or on your Cupid’s bow for a perfectly modelesque, soft, lightweight shimmer. And if you feel like you may need more color payoff, don’t be shy about layering it on and dabbing a little more M.M.C. on top of the highlight for a totally ethereal, lit-from-within look.

In no time at all, your skin will have a diamond-like radiance and you don’t even need to drop major bucks to achieve it. The Elevation palette includes a mini fan brush and is retailing for only $15! So what are you waiting for? Elevate your look with our highlighter palette and don’t forget to share your luminous looks with us on social by tagging PÜR Cosmetics and #purbeauty.

How to Highlight with Allan Avendaño

We’ll assume that at this point, if you so much as roam the social spheres of Instagram and YouTube, you have heard of strobing or highlighting. Essentially, we use this technique to achieve that healthy, youthful, sun-kissed glow that you’ve seen on every single Kardashian or within the pages of any summer editorial. Celebrity makeup artist Allan Avendaño breaks down the key products and techniques for flawless highlighting that will make your complexion look expertly lit instead of like disco ball.

Does someone’s face shape determine how you highlight?

Yes definitely. Everyone has different high points and different areas that are more complimentary to highlight. In theory, highlighting with matte products (i.e. to lighten areas of the face) and highlight with shine (to brighten and make the face look glowy and dewy) would be in the same areas for everyone but not each face might be a candidate to highlight all the same areas. (For instance, highlighting one’s nose may not be a place someone wants to draw attention to.)

Name one of your favorite highlight looks you’ve created on one of your clients and tell us why.

There are many but one of the latest is Sarah Hyland at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards! I loved the glowing face and the touch of winged liner from underneath the eye. It was fun and edgy, but chic! The glow was very subtle on her cheeks, brow bone, nose and cupid’s bow which resulted in a luminous, effortless, fresh-faced look. I used the lightest shade in the PÜR Moonlight Glow Palette and used my finger to strategically place it in the areas I mentioned. It’s a creamy texture so it really blends into the skin, even on top of foundation. It gave a subtle yet effective sheen. I then used a fan brush with the Afterglow Illuminating Powder and lightly dusted it over the apples of the cheeks to give this area more of a pop.

What’s the biggest mistake women can make when highlighting?

Too much highlighting is not ok as well as shimmer all over the face.

Where should you highlight and where shouldn’t you highlight?

Highlighting with a lighter matte concealer to brighten up would be used on the center of the forehead, brow bone, inner corners of the eyes, under the eyes, Cupid’s bow, and sides of the mouth and under the cheekbones.

Highlighting with sheen would be for the bridge of the nose and tip, inner corners of the eyes, brow bone, Cupid’s bow, cheekbone/orbital bones. Never highlight with sheen under the cheekbones (jaws), under your eyes, on the sides of the nose, on the forehead or chin. Too much highlight in these areas makes you look like a greasy mess.

What are the best types of products to use when highlighting?

I love the Moonlight Glow and Sun-Kissed Glow palettes. It’s got every range of highlighters for every skin tone. I love cream because it really blends seamlessly into the face. I also love powder highlighter like the Afterglow Illuminating Powder. It gives a more vibrant highlight and works on most skin tones. I also love Dior Glow Maximizer (that can be used as an overall primer) if you prefer a more liquid consistency.

Does warm versus cool tones give you a different highlight effect?

I would use cooler tones like white, cool pink, champagne on fair to medium skin and warm tones like gold, bronze and cooper for medium dark to dark skin tones. I think it’s more about making sure that the highlight matches the skin tone. I certainly wouldn’t use a copper highlight on porcelain skin.

Should you prep the skin before highlighting?

If you’re wearing a full face of makeup, moisturizing and priming helps the face become a perfect canvas and I prefer to apply highlighter on top of foundation. (Some people mix it into their foundation, but that tends to get all-over shiny which I don’t like.) However, girls who don’t fuss with foundation everyday don’t need to prime. Just moisturizing would be great and it can go directly on the skin for that dewy effortless look.

Does a matte versus satin versus dewy complexion create a special effect when paired with a highlighter?

I think highlighting to create dewy and shiny skin is perfect with a satin finish because the canvas isn’t completely matte which creates a drastic contrast.It can be done on matte skin, but I would use powder highlighters because the matte texture of the skin makes it difficult to blend the cream highlighter. On a dewy complexion, it goes without saying that highlighting is pretty, but you don’t want to highlight too much. If your skin is dewy, you already have highlights happening with the dewy texture on your skin.

Do you foresee any new highlighting trends?

I do believe that highlighting is here to stay. The skin looks alive and healthy. Gone are the days of completely mattifying your face. Although it’s not a new look for editorial looks, glossy highlighting might make a strong presence in everyday life. With the release of many gloss balms for the skin, people might replace the cream or powder shimmer for a greasy shine. It adds an extra dimension to the skin and women with pulled back hair can rock this look subtly with a simple product like a heavy moisturizing cream dabbed and blended into the skin on the highlight points.

Follow Allan on Instagram @allanface for more celebrity makeup inspiration.